10.5.1 Install Media Fixes Disk Utility Bug

So I waited until the last minute to do the Leopard Up-to-Date program for my mac mini. One because the dang website wouldn’t recognize my mini’s serial number since December (and never did, they made me fill out the manual form — no phone orders!), but also because I wanted to make sure I got newer media. Unfortunately 10.5.2 is still in the oven, but 10.5.1 fixes this annoying bug in Disk Utility:
10.5.0 Disk Utility Error
“Unable to create “filename“. (Read-only file system)

This would happen when you attempted to make a disk image of your hard drive and save it to another device (like an external drive), it said it was read only. I tried going through Terminal running mount -uw /Volumes/volumename to make sure it was read/write it would still balk in Disk Utility. And this was a useful thing to do before, say, upgrading to a new OS or just saving a machine image for restore/deployment like I do at work. Not a big deal since I could use a retail Tiger disc (for PPC machines) or the 10.4 (intel) install media that came with the intel machines to make backups, but I really wanted to get a Universal disc that could boot Intel and PPC and do what I wanted it to do.

Well, 10.5.1 fixes this. If you have a 10.5.0 disc, it ain’t gonna work. I was considering taking my 10.5.0 media back for an exchange, but I expensed it for work and the finance dept. has swallowed up my receipt (in a box in a warehouse Indiana Jones style, I’m sure) and I didn’t get it emailed to me as they usually do, but I think they were in a bit of a hurry since I got it on release day. C’est la vie. Besides what I really want is a 10.5.2 DVD anyway… this will be a keeper. The version that should have come out as 10.5.0 but you know they had to hit that Holiday shopping window.

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