10.4.11 DNS results from doxpara.com

The results are in for my iBook G4 running 10.4.11 with Security patch 2008-005 when using the DNS checker at doxpara

Your name server, at 206.141.xxx.50, appears to be safe, but make sure the ports listed below aren’t following an obvious pattern (:1001, :1002, :1003, or :30000, :30020, :30100…).

Requests seen for cf2cfda1b5c1.doxdns5.com:

206.141.xxx.50:3831 TXID=31583

206.141.xxx.40:6670 TXID=27344

206.141.xxx.35:49337 TXID=35665

206.141.xxx.38:10792 TXID=50022

206.141.xxx.36:11111 TXID=63897


There’s some who say things aren’t all right, but the patch from Apple seems to be satisfying the the tool of the researcher who found the bug, and ncircle doesn’t provide the command line or tool that they used to obtain these results. So for me I feel confident in this patch as-is, especially since BIND isn’t turned on anyway and I’m not using my DNS anyway (and the vast majority of Mac owners aren’t either) I’m using my DSL provider AT&T’s DNS server for resolution, so it’s them who I hope have patched all their routers. And I’m sure they did, Tuesday before last