What is in the MacBook Pro software update?

Any wild guesses what the MacBook Pro software update has in it? I thought it had something to do with the Core 2 errata some people have been making a stink about lately. But nope, it’s Open GL fixes and man pages apparently. Let’s take a look inside at the major bits..


And then a whole bevy of man pages on GLUT and other OpenGL calls in:

While the GLUT framework is in all Tiger builds. The odd thing is that these man pages can’t be found in any other Tiger build, will 10.4.11 bring this to other Tiger developers?

I think this underscores the commitment that Apple made to Game Developers at WWDC, getting more documentation and suport for GLUT could get more apps ported/developed on the Mac. And that’s a good thing. A day will come when I impulse purchase that $5 closeout first-person shooter at MicroCenter because it runs on Mac & PC!