What’s in the Quicktime 7.2 Compatibility Update?

So just one file gets updated:
There are some telling strings about a JPEG2000 update in this file:

Warhol: that was the name of Quicktime when it was in development and apparently still around for nostalgia’s sake
Kakadu: This is a C++ framework for JPEG2000 handling, which is not just for stills, it can do motion too. I’ve always Vjed with MJPEG clips for quality’s sake.
QuickTime-616: The previous version of QuickTimeComponents.component contained QuickTime-579, and the Kakadu website mentions they are up to version six now, so it would seem this version number is related to Kakadu and not Quicktime? However I seem to remember QT Player Versions numbers and API’s don’t always sync…

However I can’t say exactly what else is in this binary file that improves compatibility with iLife. And I don’t think I’m gonna bust out otool and find out either. Pick up Amit Singh’s book for How-To’s on that :)