What’s in the Time Machine Update?

Here’s the meat of what gets updated: backup daemon helper & file vault image tool, loginwindow.app, Broadcom and Aetheros wireless kexts. Lotsa System.kexts: BSD, IOKit, Libkern, MAC Framework, Mach. The AFP filesystem plugin, metadata framework, the backupd launch daemon plists, and the DiskImages framework.





























Here’s hoping that the update in tandem with the Airport/Time Capsule fixes some of the problems people have had with using a hard drive as an Airport disk on the Airport Extremes. For me it wasn’t even about Time Machine, the real pain was transfers were SLOW even over the 100Mb/s Ethernet (dangit I jumped the gun and didn’t get the GigE model) and sometimes the Airport Disk couldn’t be mounted on my computers until the Airport was restarted. Also with the update the ever mysterious Wide Area Bonjour prefs are still around, they are in the Name-Edit… button now.One more thing…/usr/share/man/man1/tmdiagnose.1: Hmmm, is this a Time Machine diagnostics tool?Let’s have a look at the man page or this one:tmdiagnose(1) BSD General Commands Manual tmdiagnose(1)NAME tmdiagnose, Other_name_for_same_program(), Yet another name for the same program. — This line parsedfor whatis database.

tmdiagnose(1)             BSD General Commands Manual            tmdiagnose(1) 


     tmdiagnose, Other_name_for_same_program(), Yet another name for the same program. — This line parsed

     for whatis database.


     tmdiagnose, [-abcd] [-a path] [file] [file …] arg0 arg2 …


     Use the .Nm macro to refer to your program throughout the man page like such: tmdiagnose, Underlining

     is accomplished with the .Ar macro like this: underlined text.

     A list of items with descriptions:

     item a   Description of item a

     item b   Description of item b

     A list of flags and their descriptions:

     -a       Description of -a flag

     -b       Description of -b flag


     /usr/share/file_name                          FILE_1 description

     /Users/joeuser/Library/really_long_file_name  FILE_2 description


     a(1), b(1), c(1), a(2), b(2), a(3), b(3)

Darwin                           April 2, 2008                          Darwin


 Only a dummy man page. And no executable to be found. Its origins though are from the BSD package (see /Library/Receipts/boms/com.apple.pkg.BSD.bom) No change has been made to this man page since 10.5 but yet it is included with this update? Odd. My guess is that there is an Apple internal tool in use but not something for the general public. I mean why would the ‘Rest of Us’ need to diagnose Time Machine?!It’ just works right? ;)