Create a standard .pkg for Acrobat Reader

It’s time to patch Acrobat Reader again! And leave it to Adobe to use a patcher app (or Installer Vise, or a downloader, or a some crazy Javascript/XML/AIR based installer) to make things hard for mass deployment to be achieved (and no I don’t think the Deployment Kit for CS4 makes much sense!).

Perhaps soon they’ll have a full version of Reader available for download in a seemingly standard .pkg file, but don’t be fooled! If you admin Macs like I do you might have noticed it uses the iNosso plugin to uncompress it’s payload and it is totally incompatible with ARD’s Install Package. It just fails.

But fear not, I am a big fan of Iceberg and it’s ability to make the painstaking process of installing Adobe apps so much easier. And I want to share the love. So here take this.

I put a small how-to in the zip file with a sparse set of instructions and caveats. Basically you install Acrobat Reader in the normal way, install Iceberg, open the iceberg project, and build. You’ll then have a pkg that ARD can push out.

If you have questions — Google it! ;)
(OK you can leave a comment, but for gawd’s sake not “How do I use this?” — seriously!)